Play various games that are offered by w88

Basically we all know w88 is an online gambling .mostly the games offered by this kind of w88 is both casino games and stereotypical sports gambling games. If you enjoy playing casino games and do online gambling as well you should pick a proper trusted and licensed high rated website for this matter. Types of games offered by most of the w88 is poker and sports gambling. Mostly casino offers video poker and many others.

If someone asks do you play poker it generally points Texas hold ‘me-a kind of poker become more popular over the past decade this is due to specially movies like “rounders”. There are different variations and version คาสิโน w888 of poker available. But the main type is stud, draw and community card games, apart from this new strategy  is followed in poker game .if u don’t know about the most popular version of poker you will be at a de-growth position.

Stud games-players must use number of cards dealt by them by using those real cards they should make their best hand. Draw games-an effort to improve player’s hand them may decide to play in some of their original cards. Community cards-players should play off the community card before dealt “hole cards” face down in order to make their best hand. Other players in the group may also play off them.

Texas holds ‘me-included in the world series of poker, it is the most popular poker game played in use. In these game players are dealt with three hole card or pocket and wait for five community card to be revealed. Betting takes place in four rounds they are hole cards and the communal.

Omaha is an advance version of Texas holder it can be played by 2-10 players at a time. This game also has four rounds like Texas holder but version gets differ. Then 7 card studs, 5 card draw, high low Chicago are types of poker games playing nowadays in casino.

Live dealers in w88

One of the main things enjoyed by many members in w88 is live dealers. Because dealers can view other dealers directly so this environment creates a different environment .in real time dealers deal the cards the card being dealt by คาสิโน w888 one dealer can be viewed by other immediately. Yeah of course if you want some more cards that also deal by the live dealer .this atmosphere of w88 makes the experience like being in a casino or bricks casino which is liked by many players.

Sports betting

Through bookmaker or bookie sports betting is commonly performed. W88 provide one of the best online bookmakers .this w88 website allow you to bet on large number of sports game all over world on monthly basis. Sports included from baseball, football and greyhound racing. But comes to legality concern it is illegal to bet on sports many country banned this sector. It is most advisable if and only if betting on games is allowed as per law members can move on with it.