Which Software is Behind Online Casinos?

The software that is powering online casinos has long been a topic of confusion, as various myths and misconceptions have come up. However, this uncertainty should be erased by knowing the truth behind these rumors.

What are the rumors?

One legend is that Microsoft’s Solitaire game was originally designed for a casino company in order to analyze game gambling strategies and reward them with payouts. Another myth states that when an internet explorer loads up their homepage and accidentally types in “casino” their computer automatically signs them into an online casino which they are unwittingly registered for. In reality, these stories are just not true; they may have arisen from misunderstandings or misinformed sources.

Which Software is the Real Casino Game Maker?

There are really two main software makers that online casinos use, and they are downloadable to you if you want to play. The two software programs are Rival Gaming and Cryptologic. These two types of games are the ones that most online casinos use, although there are others that have been made. Rival Gaming’s main game is Baccarat. They have a variety of table games and card games, which can be played both for free or for money. Cryptologic has a huge library of casino games available for download, including game slot online, blackjack, roulette, craps and keno.

Big Slot Machine

However, even though, most online casino games today are powered by software from one of these two companies, there are a couple of other popular companies that also make casino video games. Examples of these include: Microgaming (the company behind the wildly popular game “Playson”), Booming Games and Playtech.

Where Do the Power Credits Come From?

For the majority of online casinos, power credits come from your personal credit card or PayPal account. Some websites will have their own currency which they use to take money out of your account (if you deposit using a credit card), but this becomes more rare as time goes on. The way that you start playing is by simply buying in and getting your game tokens.

Casinos have such an advantage over you because they have a large bankroll that they use to fund their games. Most of the time, slot gacor will have anywhere between six and eight times as much power credit as any single player. This means that the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the casino, even if they do not cheat (which is very unlikely). This is also one of the reasons why casinos are able to offer huge withdrawal bonuses.


There are many rumors surrounding online casinos, but with a solid knowledge base, there should be no doubt about their legitimacy. The truth is that the software behind casinos is top-notch and offers the ultimate in terms of speed, security and software capabilities. It allows players to play online casino games from their computer, tablet or mobile phone. Some of the most popular games include slots, blackjack and roulette.